‘What Gets Bigger When More Is Taken Away?’ Here Is The Answer To The Riddle; Read On To Learn More

Various methods are being used to pass the time during the Coronavirus pandemic, which has led to a nationwide lockdown. Many people are getting new skills, improving their habits, working out, and cleaning. However, some use their brains and share riddles, quizzes, and puzzles on social media and WhatsApp. Nowadays, you can find hundreds of Riddles trending on social media. The ‘What Gets Bigger When More Is Taken Away Riddle’ is an old and straightforward Riddle that also makes people think.

Riddle: What Get Bigger When More Is Taken Away

In the Riddle. It is asked, “What Gets Bigger When More Is Taken Away?”. Anyone can solve the Riddle! Because it is incredibly simple. By using a touch of creativity and racking your brain hard. You can quickly figure out the answer. Check the correct answer below if you’re unsure about the right answer. 

The Answer Of What Get Bigger When More Is Taken Away Riddle

We can answer this Riddle with just one word. ‘HOLE’ is the correct answer. In the case of continual removal of more from any material, whether it is cloth, a wall, wood, or anything else, the hole will only get wider and more visible. It is possible for someone to come up with the answer as quickly as possible if they combine creative thinking with a passion for solving riddles.

Several people now enjoy solving riddles as a way to spend their time. By sending these puzzles, Riddles, and brain teasers through WhatsApp, everyone can have fun with their family and friends. Not only do they keep one busy, but they also keep the mind sharp.

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